Young Dolph’s wife spoke for the first time since the fatal shootout that killed the rapper. Mia Jaye posted a message on her Instagram Stories thanking people for their support and she shared an old video showing Dolph with her daughter.

Mia wrote: “Thanks everyone for all your prayers, love, support, calls, messages… I may not see them all, but if my eyes are not full of tears. I’m catching … a few. Mia also said, “Even so, all the real positive vibes, energy and prayers are welcome … because God knows I need them.”

She further asked, “How should I tell my babies that Daddy never comes home?” In another video with Donnie McClurkins “We Fall Down” in the background, she wrote, “God give me strength … Adolph, I love you with all my heart Hearts. “

As previously reported, Young Dolph was shot dead while visiting his favorite cookie shop in his hometown of Memphis, TN.

According to Fox 13 Memphis, the life of Young Dolph was Taken around 1 p.m. Local time on Wednesday. According to their report, “three independent law enforcement agencies” confirmed that he was shot. He was 36 years old.

News of his death was first spread on Facebook, where users posted videos from the South Memphis scene. According to reports, the young Dolph was visiting Makeda’s Butter Cookies when an unknown gunman pulled up and fired the shots, punching and killing him. Dolph had parked his Camo Lamborghini outside the store when the police arrived at the scene. It appears that Dolph was standing in the store while filming.

Just a week earlier, Young Dolph visited the same cookie shop. In one video, Dolph hyped the store and bragged about his oven-fresh chocolate chip cookies.

Police have released photos of two suspects with guns driving away from the scene in a white Mercedes-Benz. No arrests have been made to date and his death is still being investigated.

Please keep her family in your prayers.

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