Young Dolph laid to rest in Memphis (video)

Family and friends gathered on Tuesday to pay their respects to a Memphis legend Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., better known as Young Dolph. The rapper and father was buried in his hometown of South Memphis. Although it was a grim occasion, it seemed like a homecoming for a king.

Local Fox 13 Memphis reporter Jeremy Pierre was on hand to record the procession leaving the funeral home, which had a heavy police presence. Jeremy shared that celebrities were in attendance and mentioned that R&B singer Monica was there. Monica commented online about Dolph’s role in her life when she recently shared memories of the two in his memory.

Jeremy also shared Dolph’s obituary having warm moments with some of his loved ones, including his grandmother. One of the photos showed them together when they first flew on an airplane. Another page was dedicated to Dolph with his children and his wife Mia Jaye. Dolph was buried in Calvery Cemetery, just across from Hamilton High School, which he attended as a teenager. Dolph carried South Memphis on his back and did everything possible to give back to his community.

Last March, he donated $ 25,000 to schools, which it said went straight to new exercise equipment and accessories WREG. Back then, Dolph spoke to the broadcaster about the big donation and said it was important that students have someone to look up to.

“That’s why I do it for the kids and teens,” said Dolph. “You look up at me. It would be a different matter if I didn’t know or didn’t think about it, or if I was just so inside myself that I focused on myself or on what I was up to. It’s like no, they literally look up to us. ”No one was currently arrested in the fatal shooting of Dolph on November 17th at Makeda’s Butter Cookies, Memphis. Our thoughts are still with his loved ones. May his legacy live on forever!

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