YK Osiris Offers $ 60,000 Reward for Lost $ 325,000 Earring (Exclusive Details)

Roommate, YK Osiris is known for his fun, goofy, and playful posts on Instagram, but things took a turn on Monday after he revealed he’d lost one of his most prized possessions. Just a few weeks ago, YK showed the world the very icy, very expensive earrings that it recently lost $ 325,000 on, and it has just revealed that one of them is lost.

“I really lost one of my earrings, I’m sick,” he wrote in his IG stories. “Please, if someone finds my other earring, can you please return it? I will never get a pair again. I can’t believe this shit. “

Well, YK Osiris spoke to The Shade Room and let us know that he was ready to drop a bag to get that earring back – a bag worth $ 60,000 to be precise. Osiris has told us that he has insurance for the jewelry, but would rather not take this route as it is a “long-term process”.

If you remember, the price tag on the earrings has sparked a lot of discussion about how the rich and wealthy spend their coins. Chad OchoCinco even stepped in to give Osiris some shopping tips. It turns out that Chad shares Osiris’ love for diamond earrings, but did share that he’ll buy his from Claire for $ 10, but Osiris didn’t really feel his contribution.

“Don’t let Ochococo show up on Instagram talking about going to Clair and getting earrings for $ 10,” he said. “Hey, I greet you, brother. I’m not even saying this is wrong. It is your life and this is your money. Do what you want with it. Ochococo, take care of your Mutha … And I’m still a rich slut. Mind your business. Stay in business. You can reach my DM, you don’t have to do all these Instagram caps, man. “

YK asks the person who finds the missing diamond to report it by DM!

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