All rumors are true! You never know when celebrities will give up their troubles in the past, but it seems like the time for two of the greatest rap stars to do so right now! Innanet streets were busy this morning after DJ Trauma, Dave Chappelle’s tour DJ, posted and deleted a photo claiming Ye and Drake crushed their beef.

He shared a photo claiming to be in front of Drake’s Toronto house with the caption, “Wow, Drake has a big house. Who would have guessed? I just saw Drake and Kanye’s reconciliation last night. What a night for hip hop. ”Shortly after the photo got around, Ye went on to his Instagram and dropped any speculation that confirmed he’d hooked up with Drake. He shared a picture that stood next to him and J. Prince in front of Drake’s house. Over 47,000 people excitedly commented that the men buried the hatchet.

The vibes vibrated during the connection and Ye and Drake seem to be back on track. In another video, the men smiled and laughed side by side. Some of them all attended the happy occasion, including Dave Chappelle. The controversial comedian was captured and said this is impressive and he couldn’t believe he was at the Champagne Papi’s house.

It looks like J.Prince’s efforts to get the men back to speak have been successful. As we reported on November 8th, the CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records was performing with Ye when rapper “DONDA” asked Drake to share the stage with him at an event aimed at bringing Larry Hoover, the Co-founder of the Chicago gang Gangster Disciples. Roommate, are you here to stop capturing Drake and Ye?

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