As part of Xbox’s 20th anniversary celebrations, Microsoft launched its own interactive museum. The online section has a number of informative exhibits and even one about you and the history of your gamertag.

Started by Microsoft on Xbox website, the virtual treasury contains a number of nifty features that you can use to brush up on your Xbox facts, relive nostalgic moments from different generations of console history, or learn more about your own journey with Xbox.

Xbox 20th Anniversary Virtual Museum screenshots

As the site loads, museum visitors are greeted by a coffee table-based hub with a variety of Xbox memorabilia, each one taking you to an iconic aspect of the Xbox’s twenty year history. Interactive links allow users to move around and explore different areas set up to celebrate the studio’s major console generations, as well as an exhibit about the Halo franchise and another about you as an Xbox gamer.

After logging into the site, you can find a range of information about your personal history with Xbox elegantly displayed in your own curated museum exhibit. The ad itself contains a variety of information about your time with Xbox, such as:

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The Xbox Museum launch is just one more way Microsoft is celebrating its console series this year. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced it was partnering with Adidas to create its own Xbox-inspired anniversary sneakers for Birth of the Xbox Game Pass.

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