To celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary, Microsoft has sent free Xbox gift packages to randomly selected people who have previously registered for the Xbox Fanfest.

The bundle is called the Keepsake Kit and includes an Xbox Series X | S controller in Halo design, a subscription for 12 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and a crystal plaque. The person’s Xbox gamertag is also laser-engraved on the badge.

Xbox 20th Anniversary Halo Infinite Multiplayer Pictures

A note was also included in the bundle. It is reading:

“As a thank you for participating in Xbox 20 Years, we’re giving you this FanFast 20 Years of Xbox Keepsake Kit. This is a limited edition kit that was created for randomly selected Xbox FanFest fans to join our journey to remember the past, present and future as an Xbox community. We added a 20 Years of Xbox crystal. It’s engraved with your gamertag. Thank you for being part of the Xbox community for the reason for this trip. “

The note also mentions that this is also Halo’s 20th anniversary and that the people who received this festive gift will be the first to receive the Halo-themed Xbox controller.

Xbox has already done a lot this year to celebrate its 20th anniversary, such as holding a live stream event and releasing a new see-through controller. Xbox has also partnered with Adidas to create branded sneakers and today launched a website with a museum geared towards your own Xbox profile.

Xbox will conclude 2021 with the release of Halo Infinite on December 8th. The multiplayer beta is free and available now. Check out some of the cosmetics you can unlock during the game’s Season 1 Battle Pass.

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