It’s now 20 years since Microsoft entered the video game console market with the release of the original Xbox. And to commemorate that milestone, Microsoft announced a documentary miniseries focusing on the history of the Xbox.

Power On: The Story of the Xbox will be released on December 13th and consists of six parts focused on creating the original Xbox and helping Microsoft enter the video game console market.

Pictures from the Xbox 20th anniversary documentary

The documentary will give fans a behind-the-scenes look into the early days leading up to the original Xbox release on November 11, 2001. Microsoft notes that the miniseries an “untold story of the people behind the box, mishaps and everything”. ”

The announcement will be made as part of the Xbox 20th Anniversary Stream. Among other announcements released today, Microsoft announced that more than 70 games released on the original Xbox or Xbox 360 are now backwards compatible, including Skate 2 and the Max Payne series.

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