Xbox Cloud Gaming is getting an upgrade as a new feature is introduced to improve sharpness when used in Microsoft’s Edge browser.

The new feature called Clarity Boost from Xbox, allows players to sharpen the image output while streaming a game. The idea is to use it to make browser streaming clearer and sharper.

“This feature uses a number of client-side scaling enhancements to improve the visual quality of the video stream,” said Xbox program manager Milena Gonzalez in a official statement. The goal is to “provide the best look and feel when playing Xbox games from the cloud”.

Microsoft Edge Clarity Boost Before and After.  (Image credit: Xbox)

Microsoft Edge Clarity Boost Before and After. (Image credit: Xbox)

These new “client-side scaling enhancements” mean that Microsoft Edge has something more to do – handling additional processing on your side to improve the quality of the stream.

However, this new feature is only available to users who have Microsoft Edge Canary – an experimental version of the popular browser that allows users to try out new features before being bundled into the major versions of Edge.

Of course, this means that not all Microsoft Edge users will have access to Clarity Boost. At least not right away. However, Microsoft assures users that Clarity Boost will be rolled out to all Microsoft Edge versions by 2022. “Clarity Boost will be available to all Microsoft Edge users next year,” said Gonzalez.

If you’re looking to try out this new feature, it couldn’t be easier. First, make sure you are using Microsoft Edge Canary and make sure you are up to date with version 96.0.1033.0 or higher.

Then just go to the Xbox Game Pass website and start a game you want to play. Open the More Actions (…) menu and then activate Clarity Boost. You should see a difference in the way Xbox Cloud Gaming is streaming the game, with examples showing a much sharper picture.

It’s certainly a way to make Microsoft Edge more relevant – especially since Microsoft announced it Internet Explorer for Windows 10 will be discontinued next year. Microsoft also revealed that it plans to move Xbox beyond consoles by making its games playable on almost any device.

Xbox Cloud Gaming for Consoles was recently released in beta, enables Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One Players can stream a selection of top titles as long as they have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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