2K has revealed a number of features that will be part of WWE 2K22, including the long-awaited return of a General Manager mode and a brand new mode where you assemble a faction of Superstars from every era of WWE.

General Manager mode hasn’t featured in a WWE game since WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008, but it is finally seeing a return to WWE 2K22 under the new guise of MyGM. This mode is where you can design superstars, book games, manage your contacts, and generally try to run the WWE. Creative Director Lynell Jinks notes that MyGM’s journey is “progressively working your way up from high school gyms to prime-time television”.

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While MyGM is the return of a fan favorite mode, MyFACTION is a brand new mode that marks a first for the WWE games. Your goal in this mode is to build a faction that can take on the likes of the nWO, Hart Foundation, DX, and New Day. It does this by collecting, managing and upgrading superstar wrestlers selected from each era of the WWE. Your squad of stars can then fight in new game modes and challenges, supported by weekly events and challenges.

2K note that MyFACTION uses virtual currency, but emphasize that it is not required. “Here it is very important to note that virtual currencies do not offer a competitive advantage or put players in a play-to-win situation,” said art producer Christina Diễm Phạm. “The items you buy with VC can also be bought with MyFACTION points that you earn in-game.”

These two modes come alongside the MyRISE mode, which lets you experience a WWE Superstar’s journey from rookie to legendary, and the returning Universe mode. Creation Suit is back too, with “wild options and fantasy elements” and the ability to step into the ring anywhere in the world. In addition, you can relive the most iconic matches of a legendary WWE Superstar in a new WWE 2K Showcase.

All of this is based on a redesigned engine where gameplay and animation have been created from scratch. In addition, a new control scheme has been implemented that enables 2K states for a more intuitive, controlled experience. “These updates allow people to easily learn and play while still expressing higher skills,” says Diễm Phạm. “For less experienced players, our combo system allows deadly moves to be stringed together with ease. Faster response times and shorter lockout times mean that the gameplay is faster and the players learn much faster. “

WWE 2K22 is slated to be released in March 2022 and comes after the series was put on hold in 2020 for expanded development of the next game. No Mercy and Smackdown were cited as influences for this latest entry in the series.

Matt Purslow is the UK news and entertainment writer for IGN.

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