Wrong payment method selected: DHL does not deliver the package to your doorstep

Cash on delivery may seem like a relic from the days of catalog shopping and the early days of online shopping. Nevertheless, the payment method is still offered in many places today. Normally this is not a problem, but with “heavy traffic” before Christmas it causes bottlenecks.

As the star reports, DHL delivers already from November no more cash on delivery at the front door. In these “weeks with a particularly high volume of shipments” the transaction simply takes too long in hectic everyday life – especially since most purchase amounts are not round and therefore it is necessary to exchange small change.

This is why shipments can be brought to the branch for collection – even if you were at home at the supposed time of delivery. So it can be confusing when tracking the shipment. You must then collect the parcel yourself in any case – if you insist on cash on delivery, you should have it delivered directly to the branch.

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