Write without distraction with Word & Co – that’s how it works

With Word, most writers only use a very limited set of features. There are enough distractions due to the abundance of functions, just what you can do with headers or play around with table designs. The content doesn’t improve, but it looks cooler.

If you want as little distraction as possible in Word, you can turn different screws. One way is to hide the ribbon. This can be done on the lower right edge of the ribbon using the small arrow. What then remains next to the current document is the window frame and the narrow menu with “File”, “Start”, “Insert” and other entries.

Focus mode goes one step further. You can reach him via Notice and to concentrate from the 2019 version of Word. Word then switches to full-screen mode and only displays the document. Everything around it is displayed in black. You will no longer be distracted here, with [ESC] return to normal view elsewhere.

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