Worms Revolution cult game completely free for a short time

Worms Revolution was originally released in 2012 and offers improved functions and 3D graphics compared to previous versions, but without changing the well-known gameplay. For example, you adapt your verses according to your ideas and give them hats, glasses, beards, victory dances or cheap jewelry.

There are 32 campaign missions and 20 puzzle missions to play in the expanded single player mode. In one of three multiplayer modes (Deathmatch, Forts, Classic Mode), you can compete in local or online multiplayer.

The weapon arsenal is vast and includes new weapons such as water bomb, water gun and water hammer. You can use the heist to steal the opponent’s inventory or use the key to manipulate game elements. The goal of the game remains the same in Worms Revolution: annihilate other teams and survive even with at least one worm.

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