Wiz Khalifa calls for peace and respect in the entertainment industry

After the news of Drakeo The Ruler’s death, Wiz Khalifa calls for peace and respect in the entertainment industry. The artist commented on Sunday afternoon via Twitter. In two tweets, he urged entertainers to show more love in the coming year.

“As entertainers, we want to try some shit next year,” tweeted Wiz. “Minds our own business. Not disrespecting the family, the dead homies, or the area they come from. Stop using someone else’s significant other as one for the other person. In fact, show the same love one expects. “

Violence in the entertainment industry

The news signals the violence we’ve seen against entertainers, not just last weekend, but last year. As mentioned earlier, Drakeo The Ruler was stabbed to death on December 18th at the Once Upon A Time festival in Los Angeles. Dozens of artists were on the ticket to the big event headlined by Snoop Dogg, including Drakeo. According to several reports, the rapper was backstage when the stabbing took place. Although Drakeo was hospitalized, he died of his injuries.

Like Wiz, so does Snoop called for peace after the unexpected death. In a statement, Snoop expressed condolences, saying he was in his locker room when Drakeo was killed and came to the event to “spread positive vibes”. According to him, he left the premises immediately after learning of the knife wounds.

“My prayers go out to everyone who has been hit by a tragedy,” wrote Snoop. “Please take care of yourselves, love one another and stay healthy. I pray for peace in hip hop. “

The death of the young dolphin

Young Dolph was shot dead in Memphis about a month before Drakeo’s death. While buying biscuits at Makeda’s Butter Cookies, several gunners fired gunshots from outside the store, killing Dolph.

Wiz Khalifa made it clear that his recommendations for the next year are not the end, just violence. But in his eyes it’s a start.

“I’m not saying this is a direct cause of violence, but it might help change it,” Wiz tweeted.

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