Witness reportedly told police she saw Megan Thee Hengst fight her friend Kelsey just before she was shot

Roommate, it’s been a year since the incident between Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion went down and new details about what really happened that night are surfacing!

According to TMZ, an independent witness at the crime scene allegedly told police that she saw Megan and her friend Kelsey fight before Meg was shot in the feet. The timing of the events, as well as Kelsey’s involvement in the shootings, has been unclear since Megan announced that Tory shot her, but Tory’s legal team believe this piece of evidence may help his case.

In a formal statement, Tory’s attorney Shawn Holley said gun remains were found on Kelsey’s hands, and Megan correlated the testimony of her argument.

“Today the court learned that an independent witness reported to the LAPD that a fight broke out between the two women in the car shortly before the shooting,” Holly said in a statement. “Megan herself confirmed this report and informed officers shortly after the incident that the argument between her and the other female passenger in the car had taken place.”

“The independent witness also told officers that the muzzle flash was closest to the other woman, which is confirmed by the bullet residue on the other woman’s hands.” the statement continued.

As we previously reported, Tory appeared before a judge Tuesday and heard the testimony from Detective Ryan Stogner, who interviewed Megan after the incident. He remembered Tory supposedly yelling, “Dance, b * tch!” before he shoots her.

Tory was tried again in court on January 13th.

“We look forward to the opportunity to cross-check [Megan] in court because of the numerous inconsistencies in their story, ”said Shawn Holley.

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