Wireless mini compressor for Aldi Day: the alternatives are cheaper

If your bike tire is deflated, you can sweat and swear while pumping with the mechanical air pump or just let the air hiss with a mobile compressor. For Aldi Day, the online store of the discounter twins offers a wireless compressor from Fischer Bike including an external battery for just under 69 euros (See in the ALDI ONLINE STORE).

The Fischer bicycle compressor has a 2000 mAh battery and is suitable for Auto, Dunlop or Sclaverand valves. It is compact, weighs 352 grams, generates up to 10.3 bars of pressure and you can also use it to charge your smartphone or other electronic devices.

Unfortunately, 69 euros is almost a bit too much for such a small device, here we have a recommendable Amazon alternative:

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