Winter Garden: The Best Garden Hoes

There are three kindsgarden hoes: manual tiller, electric tiller and petrol tiller. While the electric and gasoline garden hoe are powered by motor, you need to rotate the manual garden hoe by yourself.

the manual garden hoe consists of a handle and a mouthpiece, which can have different shapes. Usually a smooth spade surface is attached on one side and several tines on the other side. This makes the hoe versatile. The tines and the wide blade allow you to penetrate stony ground and pick up more soil.

electric garden hoes are powered by an electric motor. Visually they resemble a lawnmower, although they do not have a cutting blade but choppers. These can simply dig the ground. The advantages of the electric garden hoe are the low noise level and environmental friendliness as no exhaust gases are emitted. However, the engine power is lower than that of the gasoline engine. The garden hoe is also quite expensive and rather unsuitable for hard soils.

Petrol garden hoes are fueled by gasoline. In terms of price, this garden hoe is the most expensive compared to the other two types. Unfortunately, the petrol engine is also quite noisy and produces some exhaust fumes. A big advantage, however, is that the motor is particularly suitable for large areas that can be processed in a short time. Harder floors can be penetrated effortlessly.

You can use the following factors to compare garden hoes:

  • The size and shape (with manual hoe)
  • Power, working width and working depth (for electric and petrol hoes)

In the following table we show you four garden hoes recommended before.

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