Windows Starterkit 2023: this software belongs to all Windows PCs

A new Windows won’t get you very far. It’s not that Microsoft doesn’t preinstall a lot of software, but in many cases there are much better programs out there. So, if you reinstall Windows 10 or 11 or even bought a new PC or laptop, you need additional programs.

The first official act is usually a new browser, which many users spend by far the most time in. In the meantime, Microsoft has already pre-installed a solid alternative with the new Edge browser. Do not hesitate to try the new Edge, it is much better than its predecessor. And of course, we know that Chrome is also the most popular browser on Windows.
In fact, we want to advise you something else: the latest browser to resist the Chromium monopoly is Firefox, and it’s a good choice on the desktop. You should consider moving as much internet activity as possible to the Tor browser, there is no other browser with more data protection.

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