Windows 12 will have more AI features: These plans with ChatGPT are here

It’s no secret that Microsoft is a fan of the AI ​​chatbot ChatGPT. Microsoft wants to help spread AI software more widely that can write incredibly good text in seconds. ChatGPT will soon be available to customers of internal cloud service Azure, the software giant announced in a blog post.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is currently causing a stir and criticism in equal measure. The software has been trained on large amounts of information, which allows it to convincingly imitate human-written text. Users only have to briefly specify the topic on which the AI ​​should write a text.

Microsoft stressed that it approaches AI innovations responsibly. Guardrails have been installed. Developers should describe usage plans before they can access them. There are also content filters.

Microsoft was an early investor in OpenAI, contributing a $1 billion cash injection in 2019. After that, Windows Group added another $2 billion, as recently reported by New York Times, among others. Among other things, OpenAI paid for the necessary IT infrastructure. The Semafor site reports that a deal worth ten billion dollars is currently under discussion, with which Microsoft would like to secure around a third of OpenAI.

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