Will this be the new “NCIS”? Crime series celebrated by viewers

What is the new detective series about? Assistant Inspector Regina Haywood works in New York City for the 74th Precinct. It serves Brooklyn, which is why the job is close to Haywood’s heart. She herself has family here and grew up here. Their vision: The zone should not only protect the zone, but also be part of it. But it’s not just citizens’ skepticism toward the New York police that makes their job difficult.

Unlike “NCIS”, “East New York” takes place in an enclosed space, namely in Brooklyn. Nevertheless, the series is attracting great interest. It could also be due to the casting. With Richard Kind (“Two and a Half Men”) and Jimmy Smits (“Star Wars”), two first rate actors have been hired. Detective Haywood, meanwhile, is played by Amanda Warren, who starred in the Oscar-winning Three Billboards drama Outside Ebbing, Missouri and also starred in NCIS: New Orleans. “East New York” is written by “Law & Order” author William M. Finkelstein and “Big Sky” author Mike Flynn.

Like most CBS series, “East New York” will certainly find its way to Germany, although nothing is official yet. With the cancellation of “Magnum PI”, “Legacies” and many others, however, a few places have also become vacant on German television.

Recently, the series has been dealing with some behind-the-scenes issues. Two producers were forced out of their jobs after allegations of inappropriate behavior toward other crew members.

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