Wifi hacked! what you can do now

It is not easy to find out if someone has hacked into your WiFi. You’ll probably notice it in the list of networks in your router’s admin area. All devices currently connected to the router are listed here.

However, they often have cryptic names that you can change. If you identify all the devices you know in this way, all other people who are still connected will have to use your WLAN without authorization.

Now, you can check this list regularly, but first of all, it is cumbersome and will lead to no results in 99% of cases. Second, it’s confusing because there are usually more devices connected to the WiFi network than you might think.

It’s often difficult to tell whether it’s a device in your household or unauthorized access just from the type designation in the router’s admin area – especially when many people live in your apartment, each of which in turn has several devices.

As a general rule, you will therefore be more likely to notice a WLAN hacked by the effects. Your Internet access may suddenly be paralyzed (because a hacker is using your bandwidth), terminals may go haywire, i.e. they turn on and off without you doing anything either (because a hacker controls them remotely) or your data disappears and you’re on one or blackmailed in some other way.

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