Why Rama Isn’t Margarine Anymore: Manufacturer’s Statement

The manufacturer’s agency has commented on the above points. Here is the full statement:

As described in the article, “Rama The Classic” is a three-quarter fat margarine with a fat content of 60%. We are continually developing our recipes. In doing so, we ensure that consumers always receive the products they know and love, while taking into account their changing nutritional needs. As you described, the fat content has been reduced in the past. We have also succeeded in that ‘Rama The Classic’ is now purely plant-based and therefore suitable for a plant-based diet. In addition, the product today does not contain any preservatives.

Regarding the reduced fill quantity, we would like to inform you that, like most food companies, we are facing dramatic cost increases throughout our supply chain. Where possible, we absorb these costs so that they do not affect our consumers. However, the fact is that our products cost much more to manufacture today than a year ago and this has had an impact on our prices. We want our products to remain as affordable as possible. That is why we have slightly reduced the weight of ‘Rama the Classic’. This change is clearly visible on our packaging. Although we have a suggested retail price (MSRP) for our products, the final retail price of our products is always at the discretion of the individual retailer.

We would also like to add that keeping the same cup size is a short-term solution. A change at this stage would have resulted in additional costs that we did not want to pass on to consumers. We remain committed to achieving 95% plastic-free packaging by 2030.

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