Why #BlackOutStarWarsEclipse is trending on Twitter

A fan campaign has begun to boycott Quantic Dream’s new Star Wars game, Star Wars Eclipse. The hashtag #BlackOutStarWarsEclipse is trending on Twitter, and users are protesting Quantic Dream’s involvement in the Star Wars franchise, given the studio’s past.

In 2018, reports from three different French news outlets alleged that Quantic Dream was promoting a workplace culture for racism, sexism and homophobia. Studio boss David Cage and executive producer Guillaume de Fondaumière were at the center of these allegations.

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Cage reportedly had attitudes toward female employees, told dirty jokes, and had inappropriate remakes of female actresses in his games, as well as homophobic and racist comments. However, Cage has since said the allegations are false. David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumiere have been since then won a libel case against the French publication Le Monde; but another media company reporting on job problems, Mediapart, has been acquitted of all charges.

Even so, users have used the hashtag to express their concerns about Lucasfilm’s partnership with Quantic Dream. Based on the previous allegations, some users choose not to cover the game while Cage is involved.

Some users have expressed that it is not appropriate to have a studio like Quantic Dream working on a game in the universe, given that queer, BIPOC, and marginalized characters play a prominent role in the franchise.

Star Wars Eclipse was announced at The Game Awards 2021 last week. The game is currently in early development. The studio was rumored to be developing a Star Wars game back in September, but it has now been confirmed.

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