Whole milk: the test winners at ÖKO-TEST

Both test winners is it the Alnatura fresh whole milk (at the store) and the Dennree Fresh Willow Whole Milk. Both products perform “very well” in the ingredients category and measure a fat content of around 3.8%. During the test, sensory experts also assessed the smell and taste of the milk at the end of its expiry date. While Alnatura milk obtained a “very good” rating with a “milky, pure” result, Dennree milk only obtained a “good” rating. Experts perceive the taste as “a bit old” at the end of minimum durability.

Both manufacturers are convincing in terms of animal welfare and transparency: The farms from which both brands obtain the milk undergo independent animal welfare checks, the animals are allowed to graze and are not tethered. This guarantees positive points in the ÖKO-TEST rating. Both are rated “very good”.

With a price per liter of around 1.15 euros at the time of the test, the test winners are also among the cheapest organic whole milk packs. For comparison: the cheapest products in the test cost 1.05 euros per litre, the most expensive cost just under 1.60 euros per litre.

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