WhatsApp can pack: make free calls without roaming charges

You can create your own group chats or join so-called channels. The difference: in group chats, all members can participate in conversations with equal rights, in a channel only the owner can post messages. Subscribers then only have the option to give hearts or thumbs down.

Since all servers are located in Switzerland, the manufacturer is not obliged to disclose data according to EU directives. At the same time, TeleGuard is GDPR compliant. This allows teachers, for example, to send announcements to the whole class or to promote digital exchanges between students without infringing the applicable data protection rules.

Point: Unlike Telegram, TeleGuard has community guidelines for channels. You must accept this before creating your own channel. The developer wants to prevent the broadcast of hate speech, anti-constitutional content or intimidation on public channels.

The maker promises that a team will constantly check the content and anything that violates the channel’s terms will be removed immediately.

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