WhatsApp and Co.: If you use the following emojis, you are considered old

According to Perspectus Globus, there is an emoji that enjoys cross-generational popularity: the laughing smiley with eyes 😂 knows no age and is the most used emoji of all for 45%. If you want to make yourself popular with younger people, then you should use the following smileys: Eggplant 🍆which has a sexual meaning, the fire 🔥 that you send when you find something particularly great or the smiley with the eyes of the heart 😍which is especially popular with female copywriters.

Around 78% of Brits have misused an emoji before understanding the correct meaning. If you are unsure of the exact meaning of each emoji, CHIP has collected some of the most popular emojis for you and explained their true meanings. This way you avoid awkward situations and appear much more contemporary.

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