IGN is proud to exclusively reveal brand new gameplay for Chorus, the space combat game from Fishlabs. This eight-minute section of the game show features the fast-paced battles and smooth flying of Chorus, as well as a small ship customization.

In this section, the protagonist Nara and her sentient spaceship Forsaken arrive at the Maka Haven space station, where they are attacked by cultists. The station and its docked ships must be freed from the siege by destroying three psychic totems. This quest provides a showcase for the battle of Chorus, who is constantly bombarding the screen with pretty particle effects and nifty ship maneuvers. Maka Haven also demonstrates some interesting level designs, as flying within the station makes for a trickier and tighter environment compared to the infinite openness of space.

After Maka Haven is freed, we can also see some of Chorus’ ship customization as Forsaken docks and is taken to the station’s hangar. In the menus we can see that Forsaken’s structure, weapons, power and more can be swapped and rearranged by purchasing new items in the hangar.

Screens – choir [Xbox Series X Showcase 2020]

It’s not a story-focused gameplay video, but towards the end Forsaken mentions traveling back in time to a wormhole where it was built.

For more of Chorus, check out the trailers featuring Nara and The Circle, the galaxy-wide cult to face. Chorus will hit Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and Series S this December.

Matt Purslow is the UK news and entertainment writer for IGN.

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