Walnuts in the test: Lidl & Aldi among the winners

However, many bargain retailers criticized the nuts. California Clarky Walnut Kernels (Natural) from report only cut “enough”. Here, the lab detects increased traces of mineral oil. When tasting, the taste of the packaging results in further point deductions. Also with Ardilla California walnut kernels (natural) from norma experts measure the increase in mineral oil components. The testers also noticed a clear solvent note. Norma nuts do not pass the test and are classified as “poor”.

In the kernels of Puda nuts from penny the lab also finds mineral oil. Here the values ​​are “only” slightly increased. There are also deductions for packaging quality here. After all, it’s still enough for the overall “good enough” rating.

Nuts from Farmer’s Snack for the low price of 6.19 euros not only took on the taste of the packaging, but also the plasticizers contained in the plastic, it was also detected in them an increase in the levels of DEHP.

You can download the detailed test report with all results Read it for free on ÖKO-TEST.

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