Waipu.tv: one year of TV streaming with a 50% reduction

Waipu.tv Perfect Plus with Waipu.tv 4K key:

  • 8 euros instead of 15.99 euros per month
  • 50% savings for 12 full months
  • Save 7.99 euros each month – almost 96 euros in 12 months
  • Minimum contract duration 12 months, can be terminated monthly thereafter
  • from the 13th month, 15.99 euros are due
  • including stick rental price
  • Waipu.tv 4K stick with remote control included
  • plus postage of 4.99 euros for the stick
The Waipu.tv 4K Stick was quite convincing in the CHIP test. However, this is a rental device and must be returned after termination of the contract, i.e. at the earliest after the end of the 12-month contract period.

Waipu.tv Perfect Plus with Netflix Standard:

  • 12.25 euros instead of 24.49 euros per month
  • 50% savings for 12 full months
  • Save 12.24 euros every month – over 147 euros in 12 months
  • two Netflix streams in Full HD quality
  • Cancelable monthly after 12 months, at the earliest before the end of the 11th month

With the promotion running, you need to decide quickly whether and if so which package you want to book, as Waipu.tv’s Cyberweek Streaming Deal is only valid until November 28, 2022.

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