Vodafone customers are also affected: 3 TV channels switched off today

One, phoenix, tagesschau24 and arte have long been available to viewers in high-resolution HD picture quality via satellite reception. In addition to the broadcast in HD, these TV programs have until now also been broadcast in parallel in SD quality via the 51 satellite transponder. With the shutdown in mid-November 2022, the simulcast operation and thus the SD distribution of the four programs have ended. The respective cable network operator is responsible for retransmission with cable reception. It is expected that SD distribution of One, phoenix, tagesschau24 and arte will also be discontinued in cable networks following the satellite shutdown. This is now the case with Vodafone.

With the Joyn streaming service, the HD versions of the stations are available for free in the live stream. (Advertising)

ARD justifies the shutdown by the increased use of HD by viewers. Around 90% of households now receive their television programs in HD, which is why “only a relatively small proportion of TV households will be affected by the SD shutdown”, as ARD pointed out in a press release. We want to make the distribution of the ARD program as economical and efficient as possible.

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