Viral video shows NYC Airbnb with a window view that is the inside of a restaurant

If there’s one thing people do it’s get creative to make some coins! That’s exactly what happens in this latest viral video. Desiree Baker recently booked an Airbnb in New York City. In the listing, the host posted photos of a well-lit room with a view of the Big Apple skyline. However, when Desiree checked in, she quickly found that the listing and actual experience of the room were on two different pages.

Online vs. real life

In the past few days, Desiree has received over 14 million views of around six TikTok videos describing her stay. In the first video published, she stated that the first night she checked in to Airbnb, it was midnight. Given the time, she went to bed immediately. However, when she woke up the next day, she opened the blackout glasses and found an interesting scene. Instead of the advertised downtown skyline view, all Desiree could see was the inside of a restaurant. She later revealed the name of the restaurant as Tempura NYC and the Airbnb stay as Cassa Times Square.

“We’re in a restaurant, we’re full in a restaurant,” Desiree said in a video showing the window view. “I can open that window and fully join these people at their dinner, at their lunch. How hey, do you mind if I get something to drink while I’m in bed. “

In a second video with over 10.3 million views, Desiree gave a view of the countryside while the restaurant was open. A couple is enjoying a meal at the table pushed up against the Airbnb window – so close that Desiree could open the window and tap the table.

In video three, Desiree found that the window has a one-way effect. That means she could see into the restaurant, but the diners wouldn’t even notice she was looking – talk about creepy! In a fourth video, Desiree visits the restaurant and tracks their views. From the inside, your room window looks like a normal, paneled wall.

On the fifth video, the woman seen on the date saw Desiree’s TikTok video and held out her hand to verify her identity. The woman told Desiree that the man in the video is her boyfriend. Desiree confirmed the names of the restaurant and hotel Airbnb shared above during this clip.

Host and Airbnb respond

For those wondering, Desiree contacted the host when she saw the false ad. In the last video uploaded to TikTok, Desiree showed screenshots of her conversations with the host and later with Airbnb.

The Airbnb host didn’t respond to Desiree’s message for about 24 hours. She had blown up the pictures of the room and described them as “completely inaccurate”. After two additional messages, the host replied. In addition to spelling and grammatical errors, presenter Kristina Desiree completely ignored concerns.

“Sorry for having to apologize at some point to repeat you. We actually wanted to cancel your reservation as we had some room problems, but we were able to accommodate you, ”Kristina apparently wrote. “I believe that everything went well and is going well during your stay and I am pleased to know that we were able to accommodate you at this most beautiful time of the year. Best wishes.”

Unlike Kristina, Airbnb’s response followed a solution-based approach. The host didn’t refund the reservation, but Airbnb got through. After seeing Desiree’s viral TikTok video, they contacted her via email.

“We heard about your experience through the TikTok video – of course it definitely shocked us and it’s not the experience we want our guests to experience,” wrote Airbnb’s Diana. “We will definitely be chasing your host here, but we just wanted to make sure you were looked after.”

Diana offered her the choice of “a voucher for a future Airbnb stay” or a discount on her original stay as a cash refund. Desiree mentioned that she was “okay” and “happy” with Airbnb’s solution.

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