Verdict of Stiftung Warentest: Harsh review of the elliptical trainer test

Exercise bikes in the highest precision class HA cost between 450 euros and 1300 euros. Nevertheless, there were several reviews of the elliptical trainers tested.

In five devices, the concentration of pollutants in the material exceeded the EU limit values. In seven out of eight machines, the handrims and bars were bent or even broken during the stress test because: The testers believe that if elliptical trainers are offered to users weighing 120 kilos, the bars should also be able to withstand such a load.

The distance between the handrail joint and the base was sometimes too small for the testers. With two devices, Stiftung Warentest feared injuries – such as foot bruises.

With some devices, the heart rate monitor on the handrail was inaccurate – particularly unsuitable for people with heart conditions. Chest straps with a sensor, through which the measurement is taken, are better. The resistance when pedaling was sometimes much lighter or heavier than indicated – bad for the training effect and, according to Stiftung Warentest, can lead to overloading.

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