Bill Cosby has been holding back since his release from prison. However, it looks like he’s back in the spotlight as another legal battle may be ongoing. As we previously reported, Bill spent nearly three years in SCI Phoenix State Prison outside Philadelphia after a 2018 jury convicted him of three serious indecent assaults representing “an imminent security risk to women.”

Since his release in June, Bill has stayed out of anger, but that hasn’t stopped prosecutors from sending him back to jail. Corresponding CNBC, PA prosecutors urged the US Supreme Court to review a lower court ruling overturning Bill’s sexual assault conviction. In June the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the “non-prosecution agreement” with a former prosecutor should have precluded criminal charges in the case.

The petition was filed last Wednesday by the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Office and opened to the public today. The petition calls on the US Supreme Court to consider whether this agreement – in which then-prosecutor Bruce Castor promised not to file a criminal complaint against Bill if he testified in a civil lawsuit – should be treated as “granting immunity.”

Although there may still be a long battle ahead, Bill’s team has not given up and remains loyal to the fight for freedom. Andrew Wyatt, a spokesman for Bill, issued a statement stating:

“In short, the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office is calling on the United States Supreme Court to continue throwing the Constitution out the window to please the #metoo mob,” the statement said. “The prosecutor’s motion, which focuses on the unique facts of the Cosby case and does not affect major federal issues, is unfounded.” Roommate, we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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