Unknown Android function: this is how you unlock your smartphone with ease

To activate Smart Lock, follow these steps – in our example on a Samsung device:

  1. First configure a secure lock method for your device under the “Device Security” item in the settings.
  2. The “Effect for Unlock” menu item then changes to “Secure Lock Settings”. Tap on the dot.
  3. Select “Smart Lock” and enter your PIN code to authorize the function on your phone.
  4. You are now in the Smart Lock menu. Here you have access to the following options:
  • Trusted devices: You categorize one or more devices as “trusted”. If the smartphone is then near these devices, it is automatically unlocked using the Smart Lock.
  • Places of trust: You choose a location where the phone is always unlocked.
  • TrustedVoice: Your phone may use voice recognition to determine if you are using it.
  • carrier detection: By recognizing certain movement patterns, Smart Lock recognizes whether you are currently carrying your mobile phone or not. As a result, your mobile phone will then be automatically unlocked.

But the smart lock feature cannot only be used on Samsung devices. As part of Android, it can be found in the settings of most devices – just search for “smart lock”.

In addition to the smart lock feature, Android devices offer many other handy features that are often overlooked in the multitude of functions.

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