Uncharted Movie: All-new extended clip revealed

It’s going to be a big year for Sony Pictures, and to kick off 2022, Sony unveiled a new two-and-a-half-minute clip from the upcoming Uncharted film at CES 2022, starring Tom Holland.

The extended Uncharted clip comes from the cargo plane scene that was featured prominently in the trailers. Holland’s Nathan Drake and Mark Whalberg’s Sully sit on the back of a cargo van that was captured by Tati Gabrielle’s Braddock.

However, things are not quite going according to plan and now everyone aboard an airplane with the cargo door open is struggling while thousands of feet in the air. Check out the official clip above.

Uncharted film images

The action-packed scene is a popular scene that Sony used in various Uncharted trailers. The scene appears to be directly inspired by a mission from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, although the Uncharted film is a prequel that follows a young Nathan Drake.

In the film, Holland plays a much younger Drake, who meets his friend and mentor Victor “Sully” Sullivan for the first time on a treasure hunt involving Drake’s brother Sam. The film’s villain will be played by Antonio Banderas, and Sophia Ali will play another Drake ally, Chloe Frazer.

The Uncharted clip was unveiled by Sony during the CES 2022 press conference to showcase the company’s entertainment offerings. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan later appeared to confirm details for the next-generation PSVR 2 headset and rebranded Sense controllers, as well as a new VR game, Horizon Call of the Mountain.

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