Ultra-fast WiFi: FritzRepeater with WiFi 6 on offer

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, televisions and many other devices depend on a fast and stable WLAN – maintaining the network throughout the apartment or even in the house is not so simple, however, because a wall thicker, a radiator or a chimney flue already exist enough to tear dead spots in the WLAN network. This is where repeaters like the AVM FritzRepeater 1200 AX are used, which you simply plug into the socket and connect to the router.

The AVM FritzRepeater 1200 AX offers the latest WLAN 6 (WiFi ax) and offers a theoretical transmission rate of 2,400 Mbit/s on the 5 GHz network and 600 Mbit/s on the 2.4 GHz network. There is also a LAN connection.

Our assessment:

If you have a FritzBox and want or need to expand your WLAN network further, you can get a good repeater with the current radio standard here. We haven’t tested this model, but Amazon’s rating is currently 4.7 out of 5 stars with nearly 2,500 ratings.

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