Ubisoft announces Splinter Cell remake

Ubisoft has given the green light to develop a remake of its stealth classic Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell.

Announced on Ubisoft’s website, the remake is being developed by lead studio Ubisoft Toronto, the developers of Splinter Cell: Blacklist. It’s built from the ground up using the Snowdrop engine, which is the technology used for The Division games, the upcoming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora game, and Ubisoft’s as-yet-untitled Star Wars game.

In an interview posted on the Ubisoft website, producer Matt West said, “I think it has to be a remake, not a remaster. While we’re still in the very early stages of development, we’re trying to make sure the spirit of the early games remains intact in all the ways that gave the early Splinter Cell its identity. “

To keep this remake true to the series identity, it will be a linear game and not an open world like many other Ubisoft games. As for the gameplay within these linear levels, the emphasis is again on stealth, not action.

“It’s safe to say that a lot of us on the team are stealth purists, and we stand by that seriousness when it comes to these kinds of mechanics and the kinds of things we want to see in this game,” says Chris Auty, the new creative director of Splinter Cell. “And we are very, very aware of what the classic Splinter Cell is all about.”

“It is important for us to maintain the feeling of championship by helping players observe situations, make plans, use their devices and creatively outsmart the opponent to overcome the challenges they face,” said he. “Ideally, they come out the other side without anyone even realizing you were there. That is the essence of Splinter Cell. “

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“The gameplay experience we strive for is directly tied to what we want players to feel to capture the essence of when we all played the original games,” said West.

It’s unclear if anyone from the original Splinter Cell team is working on this remake, but technical producer Peter Handrinos says veterans are part of the new team. “There are a lot of vets here so we’ll have a really good mix of people who have worked on previous Splinter Cell games and new team members to join in and bring fresh energy and ideas,” he said.

But it looks like this remake may just be the start of Ubisoft’s revamped effort on Splinter Cell. “With this remake, we’re building a solid foundation for the future of Splinter Cell,” said Auty.

While this is the first “real” Splinter Cell game in many years, Ubisoft also announced last year that a Splinter Cell VR game was in development. With two Splinter Cell games in active production, this means Sam Fisher will be banned to a guest star in every other Tom Clancy game, by Ghost recon to Rainbow Six, seems to be over at last.

Matt Purslow is the UK news and entertainment writer for IGN.

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