Tyler Perry was involved in a car accident after leaving the LA airport – no injuries reported

Tyler Perry was in a car accident in Los Angeles Wednesday night, but luckily he and the other driver involved are fine and there have been no serious injuries.

According to TMZSources say the Mughal was driving through Sherman Oaks in his Bentley when the accident occurred. The other vehicle that was involved in the accident was a Honda Accord and the driver reportedly crossed three lanes and turned right towards Tyler’s path, crashing into the driver’s side of the Honda. The woman confessed to causing the accident.

The police were already there to help direct the traffic. Law enforcement sources told the website that the crash was insufficient to file a report with the police and that everything was being handled privately.

We don’t hear much from Tyler Perry as he works hard on his numerous projects. As before reported, back in April it was reported that Tyler would be developing a prequel television series based on his famous character Madea. The show, due to appear on Showtime, will feature the upbringing of his Madea character, who is the same character that helped catapult his career and make him a household name.

Outside of working with Showtime, Tyler has several scripted series that air on BET and BET’s streaming service BET +.

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