Tristan Thompson allegedly sent threatening text messages to the woman accusing him of having conceived her child – she is also said to have just given birth to a boy

Roommate, Tristan Thompson reportedly sent threatening messages to a woman who claims she is pregnant with his third child. In the news received as part of her paternity lawsuit, Tristan Thompson allegedly told Maralee Nichols to accept the $ 75,000 he is offering her because she won’t get anything after he retires at the end of the season. He also seems to be explaining that he does not intend to be part of the child’s life.

Tristan Thompson’s alleged SMS to Nichols, read like this:

“You know how I feel. My feelings haven’t changed at all. Won’t even join. By the way, if you think you can make some money with this baby. It’s completely wrong. You know I will after this season retiring. So in terms of support, that’s going to be what it takes on a monthly basis for someone who’s out of work. It’s Texas so it’s only going to be a few hundred dollars. So you better get that 75k that me because you won’t get anywhere near as much with a child with an unemployed father.

All you will have is a baby with a dad who doesn’t care and a few hundred dollars a month in child support. “

Meanwhile, after the text messages went public, it was also widely reported that Maralee Nichols gave birth to a child just hours later. Apparently she’s now the mom of a brand new boy – and Tristan reportedly asks for an immediate DNA test.

As we previously reported, Nichols claims that she and Tristan Thompson conceived the baby back in March during his birthday party in Houston, and also claims that she dated him at least five months before his birthday.

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