After nine hours of deliberation, the verdict is in place. A jury found Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William Bryan Jr. guilty of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. All three defendants faced nine charges with murder, assault and imprisonment, via AP News. The judge began reading the verdict on all charges against Travis, followed by Gregory and then William.

As previously reported, Ahmaud lost his life jogging through a Georgia neighborhood called Satilla Shores. Travis chased down the street with his father Gregory and their neighbor William Ahmaud, locked him up with their trucks, and then killed him with a shotgun. The crime occurred on February 23, 2020.

Travis McMichael

The younger McMichael is the only defendant found guilty on all nine counts. He is also the person who shot Ahmaud. A jury that made headlines for having a black juror made the decision on Wednesday afternoon, local time. They convicted Travis of malicious murder, quadruple homicide, double assault, wrongful imprisonment, and the criminal attempt to commit a crime.

Travis is the only convicted murderer on trial for crime and premeditated murder. Georgia’s law shows no difference in punishment for either of the murder charges. Both a crime and a premeditated murder are associated with a minimum length of life in prison. However, the judge may decide to grant or deny parole. Still, the conviction means they must serve at least 30 years before they are eligible for parole, according to the AP.

Gregory McMichael

The jury also convicted Gregory of Ahmaud’s murder. His group of peers convicted him of quadruple murder, double assault, wrongful imprisonment, and criminal attempt to commit a crime. He faces life imprisonment for the crime of murder.

William bryan jr.

Like his co-defendants, the jury subjected William to the same fate. They also convicted William of Ahmaud’s murder. He has been found guilty of three murders, but the jury has acquitted him of premeditated murder. In total, he collected six out of nine convictions. He also faces life imprisonment for a murder conviction.

Judge Timothy Walmsley did not immediately set a sentencing date for the convicted murderers. However, CNN says it will do so in the coming weeks.

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