Transport companies warn: the start of the ticket at 49 euros in January is not possible

The Deutschlandticket is a paradigm shift and poses major challenges for many companies, Wolff said. Paper tickets would still be offered everywhere, which customers would also demand. “And in that regard, we do indeed have the task of preparing the digital channels now. It takes a bit of time. So I assume that we will have a transition period during which the old sales formats will continue to operate, including tickets paper for a certain amount of time. But eventually, we’re going to have to go digital.”

Wissing’s idea is that a central platform should be set up for this purpose. “Of course, it takes a bit of preparation time.” Wolff said to attract additional passengers with the ticket, there had to be additional traffic. “It is difficult to offer a ticket at 49 euros and not provide enough vehicles.” Everyone involved remained responsible for the constant expansion of the system.”

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