Tracking down the energy guzzlers: the best measuring devices from Stiftung Warentest

Electrical appliances that stay on or consume a lot of electricity in standby mode are everywhere. Experts recommend power meters to keep your energy consumption under control. This allows you to easily regulate energy consumers via smart sockets. First of all, the conversion is of course associated with additional costs. However, for some time after purchase, it can be profitable and financially worthwhile to invest in a smart socket with an ammeter.

Stiftung Warentest examined a total of 15 electricity meters in issue 12/2022. These include nine conventional models with display and six smart sockets with metering function. AVM’s FritzDect 200 smart plug lands at the top. It scored “Very Good” (1.5 rating) in the test, leaving the competition, which scored “Good” or worse, behind. At Stiftung Warentest, the FritzDect 200 is distinguished above all by very good measurement accuracy, high security and high data protection. However, the AVM Smart Plug has one major drawback: it can only be paired with an AVM router, i.e. a FritzBox.

Our assessment:

“AVM’s switchable socket can be controlled via a Fritz!Box with a DECT base station. Once the socket has been configured, you can use the Fritz!Box menu, a Fritz!Fon or a mobile phone app to switch the socket on and off. In addition, the socket registers the power consumption of the devices connected to it and saves it. If you have configured push mails on your Fritz!Box, the socket also informs you by mail of the power consumed and of the switching state With the integrated temperature sensor you always have an overview of the temperature at the socket location.

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