Track electricity costs: it’s that easy to see your total electricity consumption

Electricity costs keep rising – and how much you have to pay at the end of the month is something very few people have in mind anyway. The energy consumption, and thus also the exact costs, can be displayed without any problems. Not only do you know at the end of the month what costs you have to meet, but you can also identify the days when energy consumption was particularly high or low.

In turn, this precise determination can help locate the real energy consumers and generally get a better idea of ​​what is consuming energy.

This is made possible by smart little trackers that you simply stick to the electric meter.

The catch: Since such a tracker communicates with the meter via light pulses, a digital electricity meter is required. Such a measuring tool is not compatible with old meters.

You must also request the PIN code of the reader from your provider so that you can register it in the tracker or in the tracker application. However, you should receive the code without any problems on the online portal or by email.

One of the best known products here is probably the Powerfox Poweropti. The device can be attached to the counter with a magnet, for example, and communicates with the smartphone via WiFi.

The service stores data in the cloud, which has the advantage that it can be combined with other offers. For example, if you have a PV system and combine the data, you can intelligently charge your electric car with the excess PV.

A disadvantage of the cloud solution is that the service costs EUR 4.99 or EUR 8.99 from the fourth year, depending on the option. However, since these costs relate to an entire year, they remain manageable.

Our assessment:

The Poweropti is a handy tool for tracking your own energy consumption down to the last penny. Anyone who can process the data, for example in combination with a PV system, benefits twice. The subscription fee from the fourth year for the cloud service is fair at 4.99 EUR or 8.99 EUR per year.

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