Top fully automatic coffee machine: DeLonghi machine under 700 euros

Anyone who appreciates good coffee at home should consider the DeLonghi ECAM 370.95.T Dinamica plus. In our test of the best fully automatic coffee machines, it was rated “good” (rating 1.6) and has thus currently secured the 5th place on our list of the best. Thanks to the versatility of the settings, you can ideally adapt the machine to your favorite beans and obtain a full-bodied coffee with a solid crema. Compared to the winner and the runner-up, the DeLonghi machine is quite cheap: you currently pay around 700 euros for the ECAM 370.95.T Dinamica plus (for price comparison).

Our verdict at the time of the test

“During the test, the Delonghi ECAM 370.95.T Dinamica plus proved to be an excellent fully automatic coffee machine at a fair price. The machine brews a full-bodied espresso with a stable crema and offers great freedom to adjust the settings to your favorite beans. Operation is easy and the display is easy to read. The app gives you even more precise access to options. There are no maintenance issues. In fact, the only thing we bothers is that the machine is brewing a little slowly.”

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