Toothpaste in the test: Good products don’t have to be expensive

Warentest Foundation:

The test of 2022

Stiftung Warentest tested the toothpaste for issue 07/2022. The result: Five toothpastes were rated “very good” and two of them are also something for the small purse. Four toothpastes from some well-known manufacturers in the test failed because they do not contain fluoride and therefore do not provide sufficient protection against tooth decay.

Among the winners are:

  • OralB Professional Gums and Enamel Pro-Repair Extra Fresh
  • Kaufland Bevola Fresh Toothpaste
  • signal Organic toothpaste

The test of 2020

In issue 10/2020, Stiftung Warentest also took a close look at toothpastes. A whopping 115 products were tested in the toothpaste test. Inexpensive own brands and well-known manufacturers are among the test winners. Cheap winners include the Soft White Today Tooth from Rewe/Penny. In the case of branded products, for example, the signal White now or the logodent Convince a complete protection toothpaste with fluoride.

However, this test also shows that not all toothpastes guarantee beautiful teeth. Toothpastes you should avoid according to Stiftung Warentest that fail the test include:

  • Weleda brine toothpaste
  • ajona Medical toothpaste concentrate
  • Santa Claus Myrrh Toothpaste


Almost a quarter of products fail the ÖKO-TEST toothpaste test (edition 10/2021). The reason: Some toothpastes contain one or more problematic substances and are penalized with “insufficient” or “mediocre”. Also well-known brands like Colgate, Blend-A-Med Where Odol-Med 3 frolic among the losers.

Despite all the criticism, a few products were able to emerge as clear winners in the tests. Among the winners are:

  • Alterra organic mint toothpaste from Rossman
  • anti-caries toothpaste Elmex
  • Toothpaste with mineral salts of Saline

All my wishes:

Our partner AllesBeste looked at 42 toothpastes. The winner of the test is the Colgate A total of 8 natural herbs for just under two euros. Many well-known brands, such as Sensodyne Multicare Original has achieved good test results and guarantees clean and healthy teeth.

What strikes the losers: Many tested natural cosmetics fail to convince the testers. Most of them are criticized due to relatively sharp surfactants and bland taste. Among the losers is private label dm organic Alverde (5 in 1 toothpaste Nanaminze) and the Weleda Brine toothpaste.


Cheap toothpastes also protect well – this is the conclusion of the Austrian consumer magazine Verbraucher. Eleven of the 14 toothpastes tested received the ratings “very good” or “good”. These include very cheap products for less than one euro (for example dm Where lidl). This toothpaste test also shows it, as with the colleagues from AllesBeste: natural cosmetics have a hard time. Products, including those from Santé and Lavera, contain no or no fluoride and fail the test.

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