Today’s last chance for a free download: Driver’s License Trainer 2023 at CHIP

The benefits of learning with software like Driver’s License Trainer 2023 are obvious: In the past, expensive exercise sheets had to be carefully marked with a pencil and the results compared with a solution template – today , a few mouse clicks are enough.

Plus, the program automatically marks your learning progress so you can work on tasks you answered incorrectly to eliminate gaps in your knowledge.

The included video examples are also a great help, as they better illustrate traffic situations. Clips can be viewed up to five times in a row before associated questions are displayed.

  • A, A1, A2, AM
  • B
  • C, C1, CE
  • D, D1
  • L
  • J
  • moped

These can be sorted by subject to work on to better understand the connections. It is advisable to have answered all the questions correctly at least three times before daring to use the questionnaires, for which there is a learning mode and an exam mode.

Try it yourself: Would you immediately pass the theory test, even after many years of driving experience? The ten points of failure add up quickly!

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