Titanfall 2 fans finally have a solution to their lingering online problems

A fan-made Titanfall 2 mod called Northstar could finally be the solution fans have been looking for to fix the game’s lingering online problems.

As reported by PC player, The Northstar mod was released in December and essentially allows fans to run their own custom servers in Titanfall 2. For the Titanfall community, this is a massive and incredibly important change to the game as it allows players to bypass Titanfall 2’s official servers. and at the same time its constant problems with DDoS attacks.

Similar to other modern shooter games, Titanfall 2’s official servers use matchmaking playlists that allow players to get into games with ease. However, security flaws in the game’s servers have left them vulnerable to a number of hacking attacks over the years, making the game virtually unplayable for the game’s fan base for long periods of time.

According to PC Gamer, the Northstar mod is essentially taking a step away from matchmaking by pushing the community towards an old-school browser system instead. While servers are still theoretically vulnerable on the new system, the process is both slightly more difficult and less likely to cause widespread problems. This point was further illustrated by the community-run Save Titanfall account on Twitter.

“I’ve seen a few people ask if this” gets rid of attacks, “the account explains.” And the short answer is yes. If an attacker wants to crash your server, he or she must find the server’s IP address. Private games that are not on the master server cannot be tracked down and crashed. “

To find out more about the full story behind Titanfall 2’s infamous history of DDoS attacks, this feature of the game is definitely worth reading. While Titanfall 2 was eventually abandoned by EA, the fuller story explored in the play includes a strange saga of hacks, a 40-page document of collected evidence known as Operation Red Tape, conspiracy theories, and a journalist caught in the middle is . And if you’ve read that, why not check out our review of the game where we gave it a 9/10.

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