Three students killed and six others injured after shooting in a Michigan school

On Tuesday, authorities announced that a 15-year-old was on remand after three students were killed and six others injured School rampage which took place in Oxford Township, just outside Detroit.

According to Associated pressOakland County’s undersheriff Mike McCabe said at a press conference that the motive for the shooting is currently unclear. However, officers responded to multiple emergency calls at around 12:55 p.m., the suspect was arrested at the school, and a semi-automatic handgun and several clips were seized. The suspect was unharmed at the time of arrest and reportedly refused to explain how he got the gun into the school.

McCabe said, “MPs confronted him, he had the gun, they took him into custody.” Investigators will search social media for evidence that may contribute to the motive for the shooting.

Isabel Flores, a ninth grader at the school, said she and other students heard the gunshots and saw another student bleeding from the face.

The school was locked down when authorities raided the premises and the students were later taken to a nearby grocery store for their parents to pick them up.

Robin Redding, whose son Treshan Bryant is a senior at the school, said he stayed home Tuesday. He reportedly heard threats that a shooting was going on at the school and asked to stay home to do his chores. Although the threats were unclear, he expressed schooling concerns when he sent his younger cousins.

The threats have allegedly been made “for a long time”. Treshan said: “You are not allowed to play with that. This is the real life.”

Speaking of the shooting, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said, “Gun violence is a public health crisis that kills people every day. We have the tools to reduce gun violence in Michigan. This is a time for us to come together and help our children feel safe in school. “

We will update you as this story develops.

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