Three good reasons: why you should turn off your smartphone at night

Most people don’t use their cell phone at night and leave it on the bedside table while they sleep, either on standby or on the charger.

Too long charging times, for example overnight, damage lithium-ion batteries and reduce their capacity. And even if the smartphone is not connected to the charger, but is lying on the bedside table in standby mode, it still consumes electricity. This happens either due to apps running in the background or because the phone is constantly connected to the cell tower. Result: The mobile phone needs to be charged more often.

However, many smartphones have a certain number of charge cycles they can sustain before battery performance noticeably decreases. It means: if you charge your mobile phone overnight for too long, the battery will be damaged; don’t charge your phone at night, it always loses power and you need to charge it.

It is better to simply turn off the mobile phone to save battery power and thus extend the life of the smartphone.

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