This limit has been lifted: earn more money on the side

Until now, the additional earnings ceiling applied to all people who retired before reaching retirement age. In 2017, the maximum amount per year was still 6,300 euros. Those who earned more saw their pension reduced.

Since 2021, it has been 46,060 euros, but this ceiling has now been completely lifted. This means that even if you take an early retirement pension, your payments will no longer be reduced, as shown in the German Pension Insurance FAQ. This allows for a more flexible entry into retirement.

Anyone who normally retires after the normal retirement age can still earn without a cap. For all citizens born in 1964 or later, this is possible from the age of 67.

There is still a ceiling for invalidity pensions, for partial EMR it is EUR 35,650 and for full EMR it is EUR 17,820.

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