This is how FritzBox regulates your electricity consumption

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a house or an apartment: everywhere there are lamps and electrical appliances that accidentally stay on or consume a lot of electricity in standby. Do you want to keep the electricity bill under control this year without having to think about it all the time or warn the roommates? Rule out the worst offenders with smart plugs. It will cost you more at first, but will pay off in the medium term.

But if you don’t want to invest money or training time in a smart home system, go with one that’s already plugged into your phone line anyway. The FritzBox not only supports the Internet, but also offers a proven smart socket with the FritzDect 210, which can even be used outdoors thanks to the splash protection.

Our assessment:

If you also want to control devices or lights remotely or program switching times to a limited extent, the FritzDect 210 offers good options and is easy to use. However, according to some Amazon reviewers, it can get quite tedious once you go into too much detail. The design of the FritzDect 210 is not ideal if you have installed several vertically arranged sockets in your home or if the sockets are too close to the floor.

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